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24×7 Monitoring and Mitigation

Our SOC certified security analysts monitor our clients’ networks 24 hours a day, analyzing critical alerts, and advising on the best response. Communications and actions for all events are recorded in an easy-to-use case management system.

  • Advanced registry management is the core technology of SIEM Splunk.
  • 24 × 7 experts for continuous monitoring and analysis.
  • 3 SOC’s worldwide (Singapore, San Diego, and Barcelona) “follow the sun”Rapid response to critical security incidents by certified experts.
  • Advanced protection against threats, internal and perimeter.

SOC Type II Certification

Expand your team with our cybersecurity experts!

We provide cybersecurity services 24×7 “Follow the sun”, fully managed, hybrid, and personalized, we deliver more accurate alerts with flexible solutions and automated response.

Our SOC frees customers from time-consuming and specialized tasks such as creating and editing cases, software patches and archiving data.

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